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Aharveda is a part of AmbaGopal Foundation and single-mindedly works for the welfare, happiness and well being of the society. AharvedA is the vision of Mr. Harish Shetty – a man who relentlessly stands by the virtue of giving, and in return expects only blessings. This social initiative is dedicated to enrich people’s lives and empower them to stay healthy. In years to come, Aharveda aims to uproot the cause of various diseases and not just the effects. This will be possible through alkaline diet plans that are carefully designed to keep your body healthy.

Our Goal

Aharveda helps people who suffer from illnesses by offering them an alkaline diet plan that takes care of their metabolism and helps them recover without taking any allopathic/homoeopathic medicine. The diet chart follows a rigorous process of absolute abstinence and the results are dramatically effective. Our goal is to bring a positive change in people’s lives and show them the path to stay healthy.